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Tune into SnakeNet Metal Radio by clicking the button corresponding to your internet connection and audio player.

Please check the information beneath the tune in tables for help on tuning in.
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THIS IS IMPORTANT! If you have a 28.8 or 56k modem, you will not be able to listen to the station. The station requires a very large amount of bandwidth. If you tune into the stream and experience "skipping" or the music pauses frequently, you may have insuffiecent bandwidth.

In order to listen to the station, you need WinAmp version 2.05 or better or Real Player or Windows Media Player. If you experience problems connecting to the station with Real Player or Windows Media Player, please download WinAmp. The latest WinAmp player is available for free from their site by clicking the icon on the right, or at www.winamp.com.

If you have the latest version of WinAmp and are still experiencing trouble accessing the broadcast, please check the FAQ if that does not solve the problem, please visit the Audio Stream Support Forum and make a new post, with a descriptive topic, describing the problem, including any error messages, the speed of your modem, and the type of player and version you are using (WinAmp or Real Player).

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