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Official Site: Opeth
Total Votes: 502 Total Score: 1993 Breakdown
Cover Title Purchase
Label: Roadrunner
Released: 2008
Top Requested Tracks:Hessian Peel-The Lotus Eater-Heir Apparent-More
The Roundhouse Tapes
Label: Peaceville Records
Released: 2007
Top Requested Tracks:Demon Of The Fall-Bleak-Face Of Melinda-More
Ghost Reveries Buy from Amazon
Label: Roadrunner
Released: 2005
Top Requested Tracks:Ghost of Perdition-The Grand Conjuration-The Baying of the Hounds-More
Damnation Buy from Amazon
Label: Koch
Released: 2003
Top Requested Tracks:In My Time Of Need-Windowpane-Closure-More
Deliverance Buy from Snakenet
Label: Koch
Released: 2002
Top Requested Tracks:Deliverance-Master's Apprentices-By The Pain I See In Others-More
Blackwater Park Buy from Snakenet
Label: Music For Nations
Released: 2001
Top Requested Tracks:The Drapery Falls-Bleak-Blackwater Park-More
Still Life Buy from Amazon
Label: Peaceville
Released: 1999
Top Requested Tracks:The Moor-Benighted-Serenity Painted Death-More
A Call To Irons: A Tribute to Iron Maiden
Label: Dwell
Released: 1998
Top Requested Tracks:Remember Tomorrow-More
My Arms Your Hearse Buy from Amazon
Label: Candlelight
Released: 1998
Top Requested Tracks:Demon Of The Fall-April Ethereal-When-More
In Memory of Celtic Frost
Label: Dwell
Released: 1996
Top Requested Tracks:Circle of the Tyrant-More
Morningrise Buy from Amazon
Label: Candlelight
Released: 1996
Top Requested Tracks:To Bid You Farewell-Advent-The Night and The Silent Water-More
Orchid Buy from Amazon
Label: Candlelight
Released: 1995
Top Requested Tracks:In Mist She Was Standing-Forest of October-The Apostle In Triumph-More

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