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Official Site: Manowar
Total Votes: 451 Total Score: 1275 Breakdown
Cover Title Purchase
Thunder In The Sky
Released: 2009
Top Requested Tracks:Let The Gods Decide-The Crown And The Ring-Father-More
Die With Honor
Released: 2008
Top Requested Tracks:Die With Honor-More
Gods of War Buy from Amazon
Label: Magic Circle Music
Released: 2007
Top Requested Tracks:Sons of Odin-Die for Metal (Bonus Track)-Odin-More
The Sons Of Odin
Label: Magic Circle Music
Released: 2006
Top Requested Tracks:The Sons Of Odin-Gods Of War-King Of Kings (Live)-More
Warriors Of The World Buy from Amazon
Label: Metal Blade
Released: 2002
Top Requested Tracks:Warriors Of The World United-Call To Arms-Swords In The Wind-More
The Dawn Of Battle
Label: Nuclear Blast
Released: 2002
Top Requested Tracks:The Dawn Of Battle-Call To Arms-I Believe-More
Hell On Stage Live Buy from Amazon
Label: Metal Blade
Released: 1999
Top Requested Tracks:The Warrior's Prayer / Blood of the Kings-Bridge of Death-Outlaw / The Power-More
Hell On Wheels Live Buy from Amazon
Label: Geffen
Released: 1997
Top Requested Tracks:Hail And Kill-Kill With Power-Metal Warriors-More
Louder Than Hell Buy from Amazon
Label: Geffen
Released: 1996
Top Requested Tracks:The Gods Made Heavy Metal-The Power-Brothers of Metal Pt 1-More
Number 1
Released: 1996
Top Requested Tracks:Blood of My Enemies (Live)-Kill With Power (Live)-More
The Triumph Of Steel Buy from Amazon
Label: Atlantic
Released: 1992
Top Requested Tracks:The Power of Thy Sword-The Demons Whip-Master of the Wind-More
Kings of Metal Buy from Amazon
Label: Atlantic
Released: 1988
Top Requested Tracks:Hail and Kill-Blood of the Kings-Heart of Steel-More
Fighting The World Buy from Amazon
Label: Atlantic
Released: 1987
Top Requested Tracks:Black Wind, Fire and Steel-Defender-Carry On-More
Hail To England Buy from Amazon
Label: Music For Nations
Released: 1984
Top Requested Tracks:Bridge of Death-Blood of My Enemies-Hail to England-More
Sign Of The Hammer Buy from Amazon
Label: Virgin / 10
Released: 1984
Top Requested Tracks:Guyana-Thor-Mountains-More
Into Glory Ride Buy from Amazon
Label: Megaforce
Released: 1983
Top Requested Tracks:Gates of Valhalla-Gloves of Metal-March For Revenge (By The Soldiers Of Death)-More
Battle Hymns Buy from Amazon
Label: Capitol
Released: 1982
Top Requested Tracks:Battle Hymns-Dark Avenger-Manowar-More

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