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Malevolent Creation
Malevolent Creation
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Total Votes: 99 Total Score: 292 Breakdown
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Doomsday X
Label: Nuclear Blast
Released: 2007
Top Requested Tracks:Cauterized-Deliver My Enemy-Bio-Terror-More
Conquering South America
Label: Candlelight
Released: 2004
Top Requested Tracks:Multiple Stab Wounds-Eve of the Apocalypse-Infernal Desire-More
Label: Nuclear Blast
Released: 2004
Top Requested Tracks:Preemptive Strike-Section 8-Captured-More
The Will To Kill Buy from Amazon
Label: Arctic
Released: 2002
Top Requested Tracks:The Will To Kill-Divide And Conquer-Burnt Beyond Recognition-More
Manifestation Buy from Amazon
Label: Pavement
Released: 2000
Top Requested Tracks:In Cold Blood-Alliance Or War-Living In Fear-More
Label: Pavement/Arctic Music
Released: 2000
Top Requested Tracks:Conflict-Serial Dementia-Halved-More
The Fine Art Of Murder
Released: 1998
Top Requested Tracks:The Fine Art Of Murder-Mass Graves-Fracture-More
In Cold Blood
Label: Pavement
Released: 1997
Joe Black Buy from Amazon
Label: Pavement
Released: 1996
Slatanic Slaughter II
Label: Black Sun
Released: 1996
Top Requested Tracks:Raining Blood-More
Label: Pavement Music
Released: 1995
Top Requested Tracks:Infernal Desire-Hideous Reprisal-Unearthly-More
Stillborn Buy from Amazon
Label: Roadrunner
Released: 1993
Top Requested Tracks:The Way Of All Flesh-Carnivorous Misgivings-Dominion Of Terror-More
Label: Roadrunner
Released: 1992
Top Requested Tracks:Coronation Of Our Domain-Eve Of The Apocalypse-No Flesh Shall Be Spared-More
The Ten Commandments
Label: Roadrunner
Released: 1991
Top Requested Tracks:Sacrificial Annihilation-Decadence Within-Premature Burial-More

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